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30 May 2022 | Sunday | Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent?

Time Well Spent?

This is part two of the Time Well Spent Series, it sounds like the same title, but it’s a question. Are we spending our time well? A message about time wasting, about re-orientating time so that we spend time with the end in mind, with eternity in mind.  Living each day as the gift that it is. Learning to number our days, not waste them.

This is Part 2 in our brand new series called Time Well Spent delivered by Andy Bromley.

Time Well Spent – Teach Us To Live Wisely and Well

A well known phrase is’ time flies’. There seems like in life there is too much to do leading to a belief we would get it all right, if only we had more time? If we care to admit it, we will probably agree, that we don’t manage time as wisely as we should. This series focuses on time as gift and a resource and that it is good discipleship to use it well.

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Worship singer and songwriter Andy oversees all aspects of services, music and creativity across Renewal. A fan of the great outdoors, Andy loves walking, running or hiking in God's creation.

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