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Our locations are open for onsite gatherings

We know that people are at different stages of wanting to gather together in-person onsite and there are many questions about the restrictions, safety and what it will look like when you arrive. This page is here to help you answer those questions and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

I’m not sure about onsite gatherings just yet

If you aren’t ready to join us in person, or can’t, we understand. Renewal Online is a perfect way for you to get involved in Renewal’s Sunday Gatherings so nobody misses out! Click the online location below to find out more info on our online location and where to find us.

Our Locations & Gatherings

Planning a visit?

Let us know what location and when you are planning on visiting. We'll send you some helpful info and would love to find out how your visit went!

Your wellbeing and safety is important to us!

Everyone’s wellbeing and safety is important to us. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have made changes to our environments to make sure you are looked after and feel comfortable. For more information on how we are continuing to keep you safe, click here.