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Church Life

It’s all about family

Church Life is not solely about being informative; it is about a family you can belong to. People today chase after experience; a life changing event that will make all the difference. Our hope is that the many small things at Renewal will matter even more to you: friendships and community, being welcomed, finding a place, having space, seeing your children connect, being built up, known, nurtured, thinking about others, joining a team, getting support, serving, praying, giving, finding purpose and ultimately being at home with God. A House and a Home are synonymous; both are about living. At Renewal, we are creating an environment where you can grow, be loved and truly live. So explore what goes on in the life of Renewal, dip your toe or dive straight on in. There are many ways you can get involved across our locations. We have weekly services, Alpha courses, Connect Groups, Community Groups, Teams and much more.

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