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From time to time we have positions available on our staff team and within our Eldership and Trustee governance

We are currently recruiting for positions within our Trustees, please see below for all the details.

We have a vacancy on our Trustee team

The Trustees are a key element of Renewal’s governance structure, responsible for the overall legal and financial oversight of the charity. A strategic position, a Renewal Trustee should be ready for robust debate, clear focus on objectives, and quick, clear decision making.

For more information you can get the full role profile below. If this is something you would like to apply for, please see further down the page for the application form you can send to us.


Get your application form

Download your application form and send it to us at


Renewal Eldership

Renewal is covered by a dual governance structure. A board of Trustees are responsible for the legal and financial oversight of the charity, and a separate board of Elders are responsible for the spiritual and pastoral oversight of the church.

We are thrilled to announce the appointment two new Renewal Elders, Neil Guy and Harriet Vera.

If you have any objections to these Eldership appointments on spiritual or moral grounds, you may submit an objection form found here to us via post. The 21 day ratification period concludes on the 22nd March 2021, by which date all objections must be submitted. Please ensure that submissions are marked as confidential.

Forms may be submitted to:
FAO Jonny Lee
Lode Lane
B91 2JR