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Worship singer and songwriter Andy oversees all aspects of services, music and creativity across Renewal. A fan of the great outdoors, Andy loves walking, running or hiking in God's creation.

Being part of a life-giving, vibrant, community of faith gives my life meaning and purpose.

Andy has spent most of his life in the West Midlands and first came to Renewal in 2006. He moved over to Colorado Springs, USA in 2008 to serve as a Worship Pastor, before returning to the UK in 2013.

Working for God and building His church is incredibly important to Andy. He loves that Renewal is a generational church, young and old together, as a family.

Lifelong Liverpool fan Andy is a songwriter and recording artist, having released two albums. He also teaches within the Worship Academy International vision. Andy is married to Maxine, and they have two children, Jacob & Charlotte. He loves spending time outdoors in nature and his hobbies include running, golfing, hiking, walking.