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25 July 2022 | Sunday | Seven

I Wish I Had

I Wish I Had 

Have you ever compared yourself to others or wanted something that someone else has? From an emotional, physical and spiritual perspective – I’m sure you can relate. Katherine digs deeper into how as followers of Jesus, how we deal with this.

This is the Part 7, in our final teaching series message for Seven – The Less Deadly Sins.


It is easy to make distinctions when it comes to sin. Despite the obvious consequences of certain actions, ultimately the Bible doesn’t really categorise, but warns that doing whatever we feel like doing is not a free life. The business end of sin is death to our spirit. We will conclude each teach with a time of liturgy for confession as a chance for all to examine themselves.

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Katherine has been at Renewal since she was 8, and now leads the Youth and young people across our locations. She is also a woman of many talents, playing piano and having a background in performing arts.

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