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08 February 2023 | Sunday | Gideon

How Can God Ever Use Me?

How Can God Ever Use Me?

In a time where oppression and trial effects the Israelites, Gideon questions God asking him how could the worst have happened to them? But through the questioning and doubt, God keeps reassuring Gideon that he’s with him, he’s sending him and that he’s a mighty warrior! How do we feel if we’ve hit a time in life of difficulty and pain of feeling we are of no use? Do you question how God could ever use you again – or even doubt could make you think you’re not worthy of his call? We delve into Gideon to be remind and encouraged of who we belong to and who’s strength we operate in!

This is Part 2 of our brand new series – Gideon brought to you by Katherine.

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Group Notes – How Can God Ever Use Me?

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Katherine has been at Renewal since she was 8, and now leads the Youth and young people across our locations. She is also a woman of many talents, playing piano and having a background in performing arts.

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