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20 November 2022 | Sunday | Let My People Go

Untenable – Louise Lee


Untenable – Adjective – (especially of a position or view) not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection.

Have you ever been in a situation do bad, its become untenable?

Louise digs deeper into the how we deal with situations and environments that become untenable, how do we, as Christians, deal with these life challenges? How does God set us free from this?

This is our final part of our Freedom based teaching series ‘Let My People Go’

Let My People Go – Series
What does freedom mean to you? Raising awareness around freedom issues and the sensitivity for being under coercion and control. Coaches tell us to control the controllable, but often we are in an environment that defines and controls us. The Bible shows our liberation needs agitation to deliver us strongly, not only within personal situations, but to flip our thinking to generate more freedom within our church, home and world. We can be confident in what God can do!

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Travel and health enthusiast Louise is passionate about serving God both at work and in the church. She balances her time between her role as a Corporate Responsibility Officer, speaking in church, leading the women’s ministry and raising a family.

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