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07 February 2022 | Sunday | Ghosted

The Oil Will Not Run Dry

The Oil Will Not Run Dry

Oil is often associated with the Spirit in the Bible, the anointing was the process of a person receiving the Spirit and the authority of office and work that goes with it. What we see in the life of Jesus is the power of God through the Spirit was evidenced in his life and works. Fundamentally, those who were anointed with oil were identified as people who had been entrusted by God with important responsibilities. As we examine the characteristics of this oil as it is used in the Bible, we can start to see that this metaphor tells of the Holy spirit- it gives us a visible and tangible way to understand the invisible presence and action of the Holy Spirit upon and within the believers in the Church of Jesus Christ.

This is Part 3 in our 6 Part series uncovering the Holy Spirit.


When Jesus left for heaven he stated the best gift he could leave was the Holy Spirit. We cannot fulfil the mission of Jesus, or become more like Him, without the power of the Spirit. Jesus may have gone, but he has not disappeared. We want to people to know God better, and that requires knowing the person of the Holy Spirit. With so much misunderstanding on whether the Spirit provides any practical relevance to life today, we want to lead more than merely an encounter but a transformation towards life in the Spirit.

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