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Word of the Week

Through Word of the Week our aim is to provide you with devotional resources for deeper Bible study. Over 2024 we’re taking you through the Chapters of Ephesians. We believe this is foundational for what God is saying for the coming year ahead. Check back each Monday for your new Word of the Week.

Read & Listen

Each week we will set a chapter or two for you to read of Ephesians or if you would prefer, try an audio version of the Bible to listen to.

Think & Pray

After you’ve read or listened to the chapters we will pick out a key verse for you to think and pray on. Top tip: Get your Group involved and do a deeper dive together on Ephesians.

Learn & Live

Finally, this year we have an array of communicators who will add comment and thought to aid learning and how it relates to the wider biblical narrative and life today.

Week 23 – Ephesians Chapter 4

Click here to read our word of the week, exploring the chapters of Ephesians.



Watch below for Pastor Jonny’s introduction for Word of the Week – 2024:


Our prophetic theme for 2024 will be: ’The Plan. There is only a plan ‘A’. What is God saying for Renewal in 2024? God’s plan is revealed through the church. How does that look in 2024? The book of Ephesians declares God’s purpose in all is to use the church to display his wisdom, in all of its rich variety, to the unseen rulers and authorities in heavenly places, in our local reach and all across planet Earth. Paul gives us a picture of a broken world remade, where everything is made new under Christ; humanity, our relationships, our understanding and the ‘body’ we are a part of.