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Free Methodist Leadership Summit

Guiding you to greater impact

Renewal’s leadership summit expedition will take three years.

Year One: Anticipation

The birth of an idea, followed by planning & preparation

12th & 13th October 2021

We wants to equip and inspire you personally and strategically towards the vision (what is ‘the vision’?). We want to you to develop confidence in your own leadership so that you can help others, grow in theirs.

The summit is a two day event of leadership input sessions, networking with other Free Methodist leaders and time to reflect.


Are you confident in your leading through a changing landscape?

The year one summit will focus on the foundational themes of:

Confidence in times of uncertainty

Character and gifting

Strength and weakness

Safety and risk

Authenticity and relevance

Spirit led strategy



Bios, pics, & what they’re speaking on.


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