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From one. To many.

From one. To many.

God often starts with something small before that grows to much. Everything we have, comes from God. Everything we see grow, is because God made it grow.

Our call is one of faithfulness and obedience. That is why every one thing that is done in the name of Jesus, counts.

‘From one to many’ is shown through our How’s. These include our Services, our Locations, our Centres, our Groups, our Teams, Salvations and our People.

All of these started with one person, at one time.

‘From one to many’ is also shown in what each one can do. Our Do’s include our prayers, healings, our acts of worship, our generosity and every way we meet practical needs.

We want to shape, connect and place importance upon every child, every youth, every senior, every single person, every marriage, every family or household.

Every ‘one’ matters at Renewal. Every idea, every word, every action. In God, who makes all things possible, anything we want to see multiplied can be blessed from one to many!

If this all falls on one person’s shoulders this will inevitably as a vision fail. There will be dynamic and strong leadership at Renewal but one person cannot do it all.

We cannot solely care for the many who need care, we cannot be in the breadth of places that need to hear and see the gospel. We cannot meet every need unless many take up the charge to play their part!

‘From one to many’ is not simply a visionary strapline. It is the good news of the great message that we carry; that Jesus died as one man to save many.

We see Jesus as a living example of ‘one to many’ in the Bible. He was one man, who freely gave Himself up as a sacrifice. We, as the church, are so grateful that Jesus chose to lay down His one life so many can be saved.

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