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09 November 2022 | Sunday | Let My People Go

Who Comes Out On Top?

Who Comes Out On Top?
The land of Egypt has tremendous spiritual significance. Israel’s redemption is a picture of our deliverance from sin and death, it a represents the nature of the system that all people are slaves to sin and the devil is a much harder taskmaster. God has a way out and a way through, Jesus, the Passover lamb, for example. We must recognise in the ongoing battle, the spiritual realm behind it all. We have three enemies in the spiritual conflict Flesh/ World/ Devil but we can overcome because Jesus died to defeat all three!

Let My People Go – Series
What does freedom mean to you? Raising awareness around freedom issues and the sensitivity for being under coercion and control. Coaches tell us to control the controllable, but often we are in an environment that defines and controls us. The Bible shows our liberation needs agitation to deliver us strongly, not only within personal situations, but to flip our thinking to generate more freedom within our church, home and world. We can be confident in what God can do!

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