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13 January 2022 | Sunday | The Manifesto

We Are ‘They’

We Are ‘They’

Isaiah prophesies that a servant will come, chosen by God to bring freedom and good news, and comfort to those who are distressed, but then he goes on to say that those who been set free and comforted become Oaks of Righteousness, with the ability to re-build and restore the nation around them.

If we want to do something great for God, we might not be ‘they’, but if we know we need God to something great in us, he will set us free, bind up our weakness and transform us into a ‘they’ who can impact the nation around us.

The Manifesto
Jesus has chosen the Church to be the instrument of His purposes. We are to carry out his mission here on earth by learning what He came to do and how we can further it in and through our lives. These two opening messages to our Jubilee will help you understand the work of Jesus and how you can you use that to launch your own mission this year.

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Born into Renewal, Justyn has been part of the church his whole life. He now heads up a vast team of talented staff and volunteers at Renewal in between cups of coffee and a digestive biscuit.

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