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05 May 2023 | Sunday | Servant Songs

Song 1 – The Bruised

Servant Songs

Jonny is ready for a sing-along!

New series – Servant Songs. This 3 ‘Song’ series covers three parts of Isaiah.

Isaiah has four songs about the Servant of the Lord, that can get our spirits on song. As we study in depth the first three songs, (the fourth was covered at Easter, Isaiah 52-53), may we learn more how we are called to be the people of God, from everywhere, and serve like Jesus keeping us singing from the same song sheet…

This Sunday Jonny’s message ‘Song 1 – The Bruised’ (Isaiah Chapter 42)  is about the Servant of the Lord as the one whom is going to bring people to God, save and bless them. The structure of the song tells us what Jesus is going to do…

Are you a servant of God? What is your service to Him really like?

Group Notes
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Group Notes – Song 1 – Servant Songs

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