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27 June 2022 | Sunday | Seven

Self – Righteousness

Self Righteousness

Jesus tells a story of two men who go up to pray in the Temple at Jerusalem. One of them a Pharisee, stands apart thinking he is better, the other a Tax Collector stands at a distance, knowing he can’t stand in his own merit. Self-righteousness causes us to separate from others, look down on them and justify ourselves – however it never works – Jesus declares it is the Tax Collector who declares he is a sinner who goes home justified.

This is Part 3 of our Seven series brought to you by Justyn Towler


It is easy to make distinctions when it comes to sin. Despite the obvious consequences of certain actions, ultimately the Bible doesn’t really categorise, but warns that doing whatever we feel like doing is not a free life. The business end of sin is death to our spirit. We will conclude each teach with a time of liturgy for confession as a chance for all to examine themselves. This is a 7 part teaching series on the less deadly sins.

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