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25 September 2022 | Sunday | Plastic

My Brothers Keeper

My Brothers Keeper

Katherine talks about whether we are tunnel visioned about ourselves or are we more worried collectively what others think?
Digging deeper into the life of Paul in the book of Philippians and us being brothers & sisters in Christ.

This is Part 4 and the final teaching in our series, Plastic brought to you by Katherine Coulson.


A plastic person is materialistic, insincere, cheap, or fake. Someone who looks attractive, yet lacks any sort of depth. We are seeing a mental health decline at the same time as self is being elevated. The world is declaring ‘I want to be recognised’, but modern identities take no scrutiny and like plastic they snap under any pressure.

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Katherine has been at Renewal since she was 8, and now leads the Youth and young people across our locations. She is also a woman of many talents, playing piano and having a background in performing arts.

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