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21 February 2022 | Sunday | Ghosted

Living Water

Living Water

Water is life giving and its properties are the basis for life itself. God centrally provides for us. The Spirit is an endless resource of refreshment. John uses the metaphor of water to display the Spirit within the context of salvation that they keeps on nourishing. The inexhaustible supply oil the Spirit is freely available to all believers. After the initial flow believers are to take responsibility for the Spirit flowing through them. Water represents wisdom and teaching that flows from the Spirit and symbolises the renewing property we continually need. The Spirit cleanses, refines and prepares us for the future. 

This is Part 5 in our 6 Part series uncovering the Holy Spirit delivered by Louise Lee.


When Jesus left for heaven he stated the best gift he could leave was the Holy Spirit. We cannot fulfil the mission of Jesus, or become more like Him, without the power of the Spirit. Jesus may have gone, but he has not disappeared. We want to people to know God better, and that requires knowing the person of the Holy Spirit. With so much misunderstanding on whether the Spirit provides any practical relevance to life today, we want to lead more than merely an encounter but a transformation towards life in the Spirit.

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Travel and health enthusiast Louise is passionate about serving God both at work and in the church. She balances her time between her role as a Corporate Responsibility Officer, speaking in church, leading the women’s ministry and raising a family.

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