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13 June 2022 | Sunday | Seven



In this message Jonny explores ‘Chatting’ and the layers of what we say – also, how it can be used both in a disciple way and sinful manner, in terms of ‘gossip’ and curse words.

We often excuse or minimise our own sin. Whatever WE commit WE must realise it is no less deadly. What are you making a practice of? Do you walk what you talk?  Jesus lives up to everything he says. What about us?


It is easy to make distinctions when it comes to sin. Despite the obvious consequences of certain actions, ultimately the Bible doesn’t really categorise, but warns that doing whatever we feel like doing is not a free life. The business end of sin is death to our spirit. We will conclude each teach with a time of liturgy for confession as a chance for all to examine themselves. 

This is Part 1 of the Seven series, delivered by Jonny Lee.

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Jonny is our Liverpudlian senior leader who is all about making Jesus famous in the Heart of the UK. Jonny is a live life to the full person, with family, at home, at play or work. Enthusiastic and passionate, Jonny loves to teach and make you smile or think!

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