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Born into Renewal, Justyn has been part of the church his whole life. He now heads up a vast team of talented staff and volunteers at Renewal in between cups of coffee and a digestive biscuit.

We need each other and our lives are made richer by being together, but we also get to show the world that there is a place in God’s Kingdom for everyone!

Justyn has watched the church grow, change and develop over his life, and loves being part of something that God is building. He leads the Pastoral Care team, working alongside incredibly gifted and talented staff and volunteers to lift the name of Jesus.

Being part of a multicultural, multigenerational church is important to Justyn. Renewal is a body of people who wouldn’t normally have much to do with each other, but, because of Jesus, are family.  In his spare time, coffee lover Justyn enjoys keeping active and is partial to a spot of gardening. His party trick is fitting a whole digestive biscuit in his mouth!