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Five Foundations

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Five Foundations

Leadership at Renewal is based on 5 key principles, and these principles particularly apply to Groups and Teams.  Below you will find learning resources that you can work through as an individual or with your group or team on each of the five foundations.


Reaching out and sharing the love of Christ with others.

Watch the 15 minute video first.  Once you’ve watched the video, you can read the key ideas notes, and then fill out the worksheet.  If you want to extend your knowledge and practice of evangelism, take a look at the reading list for more books on the subject.


Surrendering our hearts to Christ on an ongoing basis

Start with the video, and follow that by reading the key ideas notes.  Ponder on what it means to live a life of worship by filling in the sections on the worksheet, and have a look at the other reading if you’d like to go deeper into this theme.