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Mental Illness

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Mental Illness 

Mental health, like physical health is a complex issue, and one to which we all experience different degrees of during life. Just because some one is experiencing a mental health difficulty does not mean they are unable to continue to lead productive lives and play a key part in a group or team. Friendship and a valuable and valued place in church community are the two most powerful things we can offer each other.



  • Offers prayer
  • Creates a safe space and environment in which everyone can build and experience genuine relationships
  • Understand the boundaries of support, and ensures that if a person’s needs are overwhelming the group they are connected into wider Renewal pastoral support 


Collective/Team/Location pastoral team

  • Offers oversight to group/team
  • Inclusion in prayer
  • Liaising with other teams to ensure the whole family are cared for
  • Pastoral Hospital visits to offer prayer and communion
  • Consider whether the person requires further support from external agencies e.g. GP, Secondary Services, Social Services,
  • Consider any negative financial impact on the person or family due to the illness and refer to HH and Relief Fund as needed. 


Staff pastors/Renewal pastoral team

  • Supervision and support to pastoral lead
  • Additional visits to hospital as requested and appropriate
  • Any risk management and assessment.


Further pastoral support

  • Wellbeing Through Faith group
  • Complex care team to help enable the person to get the most out of church
  • Listening service
  • Therapy service.


Special attention and things to think about

  • If any risk is present then immediate escalation is required. Please ensure you are familiar with the risk document. This will need escalating by immediate phone call to the church office or the emergency pastoral phone.
  • We never attribute mental health issues to an active demonic presence. If you suspect there is negative spiritual activity this is only to be discussed with a staff pastor.
  • Always see the person as bigger than their mental health issue.